Dragons and Unicorns

These are in sets of four stories. The current plan is for each story to be published first as a paperback and ebook. For the first book/s, this will be exclusively on Amazon (initially at least!).

Each set of four stories will also be released as a hardback, probably around the same time as the fourth paperback is released. The hardbacks will, obviously, be more expensive; however, they will each include some extra pages – maybe activities, artwork, facts, information, and/or other things.

Baby Dragon’s Job Day Dilemma, by Fyanna Brooknam (picture shows front cover)

Baby Dragon’s Job Day Dilemma

Today is Saturday. Job day. Everyone is busy, except Baby Dragon. He would love to have his own job – or even to help someone else with theirs – but all his efforts seem to end in a mess! Whatever is Baby Dragon to do? Will he ever find a job that is the perfect size?

To be released on 16th November 2021.

Baby Dragon is playing with his blocks while he waits for his second book to be constructed.

Baby Dragon book 2

This book is already in progress, and will be released in 2022. Blurb to follow… 😁

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