Baby Dragon’s Job Day Dilemma

Baby Dragon’s Job Day Dilemma, by Fyanna Brooknam (out 16th November 2021)

Today is Saturday. Job day. Everyone is busy, except Baby Dragon. He would love to have his own job (or even to help someone else with theirs) but all his efforts seem to end in a mess! What is Baby Dragon to do? Will he find a job that is the perfect size?

Baby Dragon is wondering if he can help Auntie Dragon with the shopping.
Baby Dragon takes his plate and beaker back to the kitchen. Maybe he can bake?
Maybe Baby Dragon could play outside? Maybe he could help paint the playhouse?

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This is the first book about Baby Dragon in the ‘Dragons and Unicorns’ series.

This heart-warming and beautifully-illustrated tale, which addresses one of the difficulties faced by all young children, is the debut picture book from Fyanna Brooknam. With many more stories to follow in 2022 and beyond, read the first book from your new favourite children’s author now!

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