On painting… …literally

I shut the studio door and went to make a cuppa. The bunnies should be alright for a few minutes, and they would enjoy feeling the sunshine on their fur. By the time I got back, this layer would be dry, and I could put the fine details in.

“Ooooooh! Pretty!”

Clover stopped bouncing so abruptly that Blossom ran into her. Blossom smoothed her fur back down.

They were playing follow-the-leader, and Sylvie was nearly at the other side of the table. “Come on you two,” she called. “We’ve nearly reached the window. I was going to show you something.”

Blossom dodged around Clover, tiptoed cautiously along the paintbrush. Carefully holding her ears, she then rolled down the wooden drawing board.

Sylvie met her at the bottom. “What is she looking at?”

Blossom shrugged. “Race you to the window?” She said as she started hopping away from her friend.

When I got back with my cuppa, Blossom and Sylvie waved their paws at me through the window. They were looking out at the flowers, which were beginning to burst open all around the garden.

Strange, I thought. Where’s Clover?

I didn’t have to wait long for my answer. She looked up at me as I came in with red and yellow paint covering the sandy colour of her face and paws.

“It was so pretty that I wanted to hug it, but it’s painted.” Clover looked down at the flower. “Or was painted, anyway…”

“Oh Clover!” I said, trying not to laugh. She was sad, but she did look so funny. “Let’s get you cleaned up – it’s watercolour, so it should wash out of your fur quite easily.”

By this time, the others had come to join us.

“If you’d like, the three of you can sit outside with me while I finish this piece. Clover’s fur will be dry in no time and you’ll be able to see the flowers better from the outdoor table.”

All three started bouncing with excitement. “Only, no hugging the painted flowers this time.” I smiled at the bunnies and they smiled back. “We promise!”

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