“One, two, three, four, five” The Littlest Dragon counted very carefully. He wasn’t really covering his eyes properly because he needed to use his fingers to count. He paused when he saw me.

“What are you playing today?” I asked.

“The composer game, Haydn See.” He paused, looking thoughtful, then added: “I’ve never seen a real composer though.”

Looking towards his paws, the Littlest Dragon realised that he had lost count. “Do you think they’re ready yet?” I nodded. “Coming! Red you’re not!” He turned to ask me “Why do we say that in this game? Is that a composer thing too?” Without waiting for an answer, he started to tumble-run-hop his way along the edge of the lawn, looking for his friends.

I continued along the path towards the studio, smiling as I thought about the Littlest Dragon and his ‘Composer Game’. One day I would have to sit down and explain it to him…

I was so deep in thought as I entered the studio that I very nearly tripped over poor Blossom. She was leaning into her own special-treasures chest and muttering about something she had lost.

“Not playing with the others today, Blossom?”

“No,” she stood up and shook her head, smoothing down the fur on her front. “I don’t like the hiding part. It messes up my fur and that makes it feel all scratchy inside.”

She squinted, and looked around the studio. “I don’t suppose you‘ve seen my ribbons anywhere around here?” She didn’t look very hopeful.

I looked at her a little more closely. Usually, she had matching ribbons tied around her ears, but today she had only one green ribbon tied in a bow around her right ear. The matching ribbon was tied very carefully around one of the handles of her special-treasures chest.

I was about to point out the second ribbon, when she added “I need two different ones. It’s for the concert I’m going to with my cousin next week. The band is called ‘The Oddsocks’ but I don’t wear socks so I thought I’d wear odd ribbons instead.”

“I’m sorry Blossom, but I don’t know where your other ribbons are. I only have a couple of things to do, then I’ll come and help you look.”

I smiled at her, and she smiled back. “Thank you.”

Blossom is heading to see ‘The Oddsocks’ in concert with some other bunnies, including Sylvie. You can find out more about the band here on their website.

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